Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol

Winter 2001 through Winter 2003

This page is dedicated to the volunteers who served on the Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol and the National Park Services employees who managed the patrol.

History of The Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol
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History of the Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol

The Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol was an all volunteer service created by the Wawona District of Yosemite National Park, in cooperation with the Volunteers In Park Program (sponsored in part by the Yosemite Association), and the Yosemite Cross Country Winter Club.The patrol was created to better serve and protect the Park Visitor.

The patrol was created by Wawona District Ranger David Ashe, and Ranger Kerry Maxwell, who supervised the patrol during its first two years of operation.

Members of the patrol received specialized training in search and rescue procedures and park operations. Members of the patrol came from throughout the state of California to assist the National Park Service by patrolling backcountry ski trails in the Wawona District.

The patrol was discontinued at the end of 2003. This site originally served as the focal point for the electronic communications system that connected the members of the patrol, and informed the members of policies and procedures related to their duties. The links developed for the Nordic Ski Patrol Page have been retained for public use. The Patrol Operations Manual and contact information for members of the patrol have been deleted.

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Yosemite Resources

Resource (Link) Index: This section provides a link list and some telephone numbers for general Information on Yosemite National Park, and for specific information on winter activities, including information on Badger Pass, road conditions, weather, and the activities of the National Park Service and Delaware North Corporation in and relating to Yosemite.

Links to Yosemite Flora and Fauna Sites

Yosemite General Information

Badger Pass Information

Road and Weather Conditions

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Flora and Fauna

Information on the Flora and Fauna of the Yosemite High Country will be added to this section over time. Please submit articles and links.



The Animals

1. Yosemite Animals in Winter ---Finding Ways to Wait for Spring http://www.sierraescape.com/headers/YOSEMITE.html#anchor261809
From: The Sierra Escape-Winter 1989/90 by Lisa Strong-Aufhauser.
A brief artcile about how animals survivie in the yosemite winter.

2. Bald Eagle Sightings
Source: Yosemite Valley Plan, Volume Ia

Bald eagle sightings are rare in Yosemite, but they most often occur in Yosemite Valley, El Portal, and Foresta. These sitings include, "Captured in Yosemite Valley in 1993", "Captured in Yosemite Valley in 1993", and "Reported in Yosemite Valley in 1939", however records are few.

3. Bats in Yosemite

Read all about bat research in an article by by Interpretive Ranger Jeffery G. Lahr, chronicling the research of Bat Researchers, Dr. Elizabeth (Dixie) Pierson and Dr. William Rainey, who have visited Yosemite for three consecutive years on page: http://www.nps.gov/yose/notes/note4.htm

The Plants

The Trees of The Valley

The Trees of the Valley, Chapter 5 of the book 'The Yosemite' by John Muir, 1912. (OCR-scanned and converted to HTML by Dan Anderson) http://yosemite.ca.us/john_muir_exhibit/writings/the_yosemite/chapter_5.html

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Yosemite - General Information

Yosemite National Park Official Site
Travel basics, camping, lodging, lodging activities, facilities, fees, and permits.
The Yosemite Association
About the Association, visitor information, seminars, and links
Yosemite Association's Yosemite National Park Link Page
Links to National Park Service Yosemite pages.
Yosemite Association's links to both government and non-government pages concerning Yosemite
Yosemite - One Park, Four Seasons
Delaware North's Yosemite Home Page - Information an accommodations
The Yosemite Fund
Programs, projects and Yosemite information
Yosemite Web Index - A to Z
Link list for Yosemite related web pages provided by Dan Anderson and Precision Mold Base Corporation

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Badger Pass

Badger Pass Downhill Information
Operating dates and times and rate information
Badger Pass Cross Country and Telemark Information
Information and rates for Badger Pass Nordic Center

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Road and Weather Conditions

Call 209-372-0200 for updated road and weather information.
Yosemite Road and Weather Information
Trip planning advisories, local and park service info, and other links
Yosemite News and Weather
Up to date road conditions, up to date conditions at Badger Pass, and current weather and snow depth information
Yosemite National Park Service Road Condition Report
Road conditions in Yosemite
National Weather Service Western Region Headquarters, Salt Lake City
Weather info and satellite data

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